Mens Health and General Medical Conditions

According to some studies and statistics, men are pretty negligence when it comes to their own health – especially when compared to the women. In general, mens health is considered lower than womens, mostly because these men neglect their own condition – they prefer indulging themselves in other fun, but not so healthy, activities. 

So, in terms of mens health, there are some common health conditions that are generally happening to men. What are they?

  1. Cardiovascular. This is one of the common conditions, usually related to poor lifestyle such as stress, lack of rest, smoking, and unhealthy eating habit. 
  2. High blood pressure. This is another ailment that is resulted from poor and unhealthy lifestyle. It is quite common if the heart issue is accompanied with the high blood pressure. 
  3. Prostate cancer. This is a threatening and scary disease for men. Not only it affects their sexual ability, it also affects their health in the most destructive way.
  4. Erectile dysfunction. This issue is embarrassing for men – causing them to suffer from low self esteem.  Being the epitome of masculinity, it is considered a disgrace to suffer from sexual dysfunctional issue. 
  5. Lung cancer. It is related to poor lifestyle, especially the smoking. However, it is also possible for some men to suffer from this issue because of their work. Most men work in construction or industrial sector, making them prone to dangerous exposure, such as asbestos, or such thing alike. 

In most cases, you can always prevent such issues from happening, as long as you maintain a good lifestyle. It’s okay to have fun for once in a while, drinking while socializing with friends. However, if you do all of the unhealthy things (smoking, drinking, using drugs, eating unhealthy foods, etc) on a daily basis, don’t be too surprised if you suffer from certain health conditions. The general mens health needs to have good and balanced lifestyle. 

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