Learn the Best Exercises for Seniors

Learn the Best Exercises for seniors 

Many people would agree that regular cardio exercise is important. In fact, people of all age can get benefits from the regular cardio exercise. For example, cardio can improve our heart function and lung capacity. But there are still other benefits that we can get from cardio. Cardio can also boost our immune system, increase stamina, and also lift our spirits. There are some types of cardiovascular exercises that seniors can try. Some of these types are listed below.


There is denying that walking is the best type of cardiovascular exercise. It is easy to do and seniors won’t find any difficulties when doing this activity. It is also a perfect activity for those who have not been exercising regularly. Since walking is considered as a low impact activity, it is obvious that it doesn’t put lots of pressure on the joints. There are some benefits of walking. For example, walking can strengthen the bones to prevent age-related conditions. In addition, walking can also build muscle tone. Please note that the intensity of walking depends on the terrain and pace.


Jogging is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that you can consider. What makes it better than other activities is that jogging is also known as a weight-bearing activity. When compared to walking, jogging can put more pressure on the joints thus this activity is a bit more high impact. While it is true that people consider jogging as a moderate-intensity activity but hilly terrain can make jogging become more vigorous.


Your next choice is running. It is quite obvious that there are many seniors who enjoy running. If you have been running for years, then you already know that running offers a better result than walking and jogging. In fact, this activity is a faster pace than jogging. Since running is a vigorous activity, then you know that it can put a lot of stress on the knee, hip, and ankle joints. If you want to choose this type, make sure that you are in good enough physical condition. It is always better to consult with your doctor first.


Biking is the next type that you can try. It is a low-impact activity and the best part is that it doesn’t put lots of pressure on the joints. When compared to other activities such as jogging and running, biking can offer a better result. The difference is that biking is not quite accessible as walking, jogging, or running. This activity requires minimal equipment and it also requires more skill too.


If you are looking for an activity that can provide the best result, then swimming would be a great choice. This type is suitable for all people, thus you don’t have to worry whether it will help you or not.


Dancing is an activity that many seniors love. While younger generations ignore this activity, dancing is a fun activity that many seniors can enjoy. It is classified as a low-impact activity.


Our last choice is yoga. It is considered as a stretching and muscle-toning activity. However, there are some styles of yoga that can increase your heart rate. It can provide the same benefits of other activities that we have mentioned earlier.
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